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TroxellUSA 2013 Product Catalog
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Save time and money by shopping online,and having your order shipped directly to your home

LeatherHead Kneepad

Supersoft Kneepad

Grout Caddy Kit

XL Grout Caddy Handle

The LeatherHead Kneepad is perfect for concrete and wood flooring contractors.Strong and durable with more cushion.

Dont accept immitations.Get the certified original Supersoft Kneepad direct from the manufacturer TroxellUSA.

These Grout Caddies are huge in Europe.Save time and produce better results when cleaning grout.

Bigger is better or faster with the XL Grout Caddy Handle.Complement your existing Grout Caddy with this assessory.


We have currently updated the TroxellUSA Website with an all new look and feel, for better usability and function. We will be upgrading the site with more new content shortly, so stay tuned.

We are currently introducing a new product called hollow spacers. Hollow spacers are a clear transparent spacer, that you can grout directly over and leave in place. This will save you time for small jobs that require quick installation.

TroxellUSA is committed to providing the industry, advanced long lasting innovative tile and stone setting tools.

Now you can purchase these tools direct from our website, and have them shipped straight to your home.

Feel free to browse our next generation online store, and make a purchase today.

If you have any questions about the details of a tool or product, feel free to call us at 714-847-0880.

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